Home Delivery

Home Delivery is now available from Bakery Andante.

Our new online shop for home delivery is up and running and can be found here, The site includes pictures, ingredients and, where we have it, nutritional information.  Please use the online store ongoing. For collection orders lower than £12, please use the form below, and we can provide a payment link.

We deliver daily within Edinburgh, bounded by the Bypass, and we deliver to Musselburgh and Penicuik on a Friday, and Balerno/Currie/Juniper Green on a Saturday.

Important delivery information.

Order lead times

Please note the nature of most of our long prove products means that we need 2 days’ notice for orders.  Orders need to be received by 5pm for delivery on the 2nd day (so for example for a Friday delivery we will require the order by 5pm on Wednesday). Please state which day you would like the delivery. Late orders (received after 5pm) which we cannot fulfill will automatically be added to the delivery for the next available day.

Order confirmation

Orders are not confirmed until we have received payment.

Delivery Charges

There is a minimum order of £6, and a delivery charge of £4 for all orders under £12. When ordering via the online shop please enter ‘Free Delivery’ into the discount option, otherwise delivery will be charged.

Delivery Area

We can only delivery within Edinburgh (bounded by the Edinburgh City Bypass).  We are happy to look at areas just outside for suitably sized orders, and we will confirm on receipt of the order.  

Regular Deliveries outside Edinburgh Bypass

Penicuik – Every Friday

Musselburgh – Every Friday

Balerno/Currie/Juniper Green – Every Saturday

Order information

If using the from below, please state the products, quantities and any variants you need.  Please also state the day you wish the ordered delivered.  We will require your name, address and postcode, email and a contact number (just in case we need to get hold of you).

Delivery Timescales

We cannot offer specific times for delivery of your order, however deliveries will be from 8am.  Please make sure that the driver can gain access.  If the driver cannot gain access (such as to tenements), and there is no suitable place to leave the delivery, orders will be returned to our Morningside site.  They can be collected by 6pm (5pm on a Sunday).  No refunds will be offered where the driver is unable to gain access and orders are not collected on the day.

Coronavirus Precautions

The driver will leave the breads at the front door (suitably bagged) and ring the doorbell/knock on the door.  In case of issues please email us and we will do our best to rectify them.

Please use our online shop to order.  For special orders, or collection orders of less than £12, please complete the form to order.

Please give us your full address & postcode for the delivery
Please give us a number that we can contact you on in case of queries or issues with the delivery
Please tell us what you would like to order, giving as much detail as possible please, such as product, size, number, sliced/unsliced etc
Please tell us the date that you would like to receive the delivery
Please tell us any relevant information that we would need to know (i.e. where to leave the delivery if no access etc).