Welcome to Bakery Andante, Edinburgh’s award winning artisan bakery.

Andante is a musical expression meaning ‘at a slower tempo’, which perfectly describes how we think bread should be made.  Our aim is to provide freshly baked breads using locally sourced ingredients, where we can, and made from scratch on our premises.  We don’t use additives or artificial improvers (even the ones we don’t have to admit to), or soy (except as soy sauce for our Pumpkin Seed Sourdough), and we allow time to create the depth of flavours.

Too much of our bread, these days, is made using fast processing methods, allowing breads to be mixed, baked, cooled, packaged and on a shelf inside of 4 hours.  To do this they need to use various chemicals, additives and improvers to recreate the flavours lost and prevent, repair and mask the damage done to the dough to allow it to be processed in such a way.  There are also questions about how our bodies cope with these overly processed foods.

We would rather take the time, and allow nature to do its work, and let the quality of the ingredients we use shine through. 

We provide a full range of artisan breads, baked fresh for each day.

We look forward to welcoming you to our bakeries